Rules of the NBS Fund

Buy and Hold 

Every investment will be in companies with positive cash flows, strong returns on investment and as little risk as possible. No investment will ever be speculatory; meaning no investment will be made on the potential for a future outcome that has not yet materialised. 

There will be no biotech's, renewable's, medical Marijuana's; stocks like these have the potential to provide massive returns, but for every one that succeeds, 9 others fail. NBS is about investing, not speculating. 

No Benchmarking

The fund won't benchmark itself against an index. By not benchmarking, there will be no influence on investment philosophy; all investment decisions will be irrespective of the market, they will only be influenced by the company in question. 

If the NBS Fund is compared to the benchmark, anyone who views it already has a bias, and has judged its worth immediately. If there is a visual image of the Fund trailing the benchmark, not only will viewers dismiss its validity, but the owner will likely have his decisions influenced by this. 

The NBS Fund is interested in Absolute Return. It's self worth will be judged in many years; not in its short term performance to a benchmark. 


Any stock or investment discussed on NBS that is categorised as a 'buy', will be placed into the fund. This gives the research articles authenticity. NBS will never recommend a stock if they didn't believe it was the best allocation of capital.  

Skin in the game

The fund's capital is 100% owned by the editor.