The NBS Fund doesn't get FOMO

The fund never regrets its decisions, because they are based on comprehensive analysis and common sense. If a stock is ignored and/or missed and it's share price is rocketing, it doesn't matter. The fund isn't interested in having a great 1 year performance, it's interested in being lazy.


The NBS Fund is only interested in buying a handful of excellent companies that will provide compounded returns on capital invested over the long term. 

This is how/why Warren Buffett is successful. He knows it's okay to trail in the short term, even 1-5 year time periods. Because stock prices will fly up, and fly back down all the time. 

There are going to be long stretches of time when the NBS Fund is trailing the market, which is not a bad thing. Building the blocks for long term returns takes time, and will lead to short term under-performance.


If followers don't believe in the investing principles of the worlds greatest investors, and get sucked into the short term narrative, that's okay. But that's what NBS is all about. Believing in those long term principles, and not succumbing to short termism. 

Thousands of funds have come and gone over time. They succumb to this short termism, and engage in self destructive behaviour that is detrimental to long term returns. 

We are not interested in those stocks, and that style of investing. We want steady, compounded returns