What is the NBS Fund all about

There are so many investing websites and financial professionals out there giving advice. Their incentive is on selling and revenues are generated through commissions. Yet they don't have skin in the game, they are not affected if there advice eventually turns out to be wrong, or flat out bad.

Think, if you were to have a personal trainer, you wouldn't hire an obese person, because it's clear that they don't live up to the principles and advice they preach. This is obvious, yet somehow the finance industry has morphed itself so this not the case. 

Investing websites out there rely on advertisements. When this happens to an investing website, run. When your revenues come from advertising, then all that matters is clicks and views. This is why investing website's commonly use titles as 'No.1 stock of the year', 'this stock is set to triple Amazon's market cap over time' etc. These websites are clickbaiting, and their advice may seem sound, but its wrapped up in all the usual bullsh#t, such as excessive forecasting, tricky valuation methods and other various forms of jargon. 

The NBS fund is my way of showing genuine authenticity. Anything I talk about, any stocks I recommend, I have to put my money where my mouth is. This is how you can trust that NBS isn't clickbait bullsh#t. The NBS fund is the ultimate gauge of the quality of advice & observations of NBS Investing.