Awaken the Giant Within

Now I know exactly what you are thinking.... This guy?


The bloke who sells out stadiums full of hysterical people jumping up and down, screaming at the top of their lungs?

Tony Robbins is the living embodiment of judging a book by its cover. He gets a bad wrap, often from people who've never read his work. This bad wrap is completely unjustified and unfair once you consider all his achievements and philanthropic efforts. 

This book is very long and can be a little repetitive, but the ideas and techniques learnt from it are life changing- whilst remaining simplistic. 

The book focuses on how your thoughts and actions define your identity, which then predetermines your life's path. By exploring and illustrating simple tactics on how to alter your identity, one can make drastic changes to the life's trajectory. 

If you enjoy self-improvement, this book is a must.