The Stand

Why is a non fiction book listed under politics?

The premise of the book involves a deadly virus which wipes out 99.5% of the earth's population. The remaining 0.5% congregate in two separate societies. 

One society is 'good' and they try to establish a democratic government, with elected officials and regular town meetings. 

The other is 'bad', and is governed by an evil dictator. 

The book is pure fantasy, and is an illustration of how the intentions of good versus evil politics can both result in a broken, dysfunctional society. No matter the intentions, a society can never fully agree on politics; a Utopian society is a pipe dream. 

Depicting two different societies building governments that are polar opposites to each other, and watching both them collapse highlights in my view, the politics we experience in the real world.  

Politics is not something you should give much thought to, nor should you dedicate your life to it. You cannot win, no matter how you label yourself (conservative, democratic, labour, liberal etc). 

At the end of the day, petty arguing & protesting doesn't achieve meaningful change, nor will alterations in policy have much of, if any impact on the course of your life.

The book isn't as dry and boring as the above description; that is just one take home I got from it. If your looking for a good fiction book to read, I'd highly recommend this one.