What is NBS all about? 

How NBS started

6 months of looking for work can do funny things to a man. Spending a lot of time reading books any by myself lead to a lot of note taking and general reflections on life so far. Thus NBS was born, a place to share thoughts and ideas that are considered taboo, and would never be printed in the paper. 

What's our mission statement

Progressive by being regressive. 

Humans were cavemen and primitive creatures for over 99% of their existence on this planet. We've only been living in so called 'functional & prosperous societies' for 70 years, and we've already got huge issues with mental health, obesity and petty political turmoil. We've gone too far into our own societal trap, that we've forgotten what we are. Monkeys who can think....


Equities Analyst- LIC

Bachelor of Business

Grad Diploma Applied- Finance 

RG146 accredited 

For your consideration, here is my current porftolio and past history


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